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Louisiana Licensed Insurance Adjuster and IACP Certified Auto Appraiser

Client Testimonials

Our daughter’s car was hit by another vehicle just 4 days after purchasing it ( NEW 2017 Honda Accord).  Repairs were done by Luke’s Paint and Body Shop in Lafayette and the car was back looking and running great.  Time was approaching the one year anniversary date of the wreck and we had been told that we may be able to file a diminished value claim because of the amount of damage that was done to her car.  We were told to contact  Keith Smith and that he may be able to help us.


I called Keith, and I believe we had less than one week to get the ball rolling and get a claim submitted before time expired.  In our ignorance, we had no idea of the time and effort that would be needed to get a claim started.  Keith answered all of our questions, e-mailed information with steps to take to get started, and he gave us his word that he would do the best he could to help us out, but time was of the essence.


To make a long story short, Keith did EVERYTHING (PLUS MORE), that he said he would do and we had 3 days to spare before our 1 year time frame would expire. We recovered the exact amount that Keith had reported in his diminished value appraisal ($4,410).  Without Keith doing what he promised to do, including contacting dealerships for values, taking the extra time needed to prepare all the reports, and going the extra mile to help us, we would have recovered nothing for our loss.


It’s very rare in today’s society to have someone do what they say they will do, not to mention doing it on a clock,  doing it well, and doing it at a fair price.  Keith Smith did!!!!  We would highly recommend Keith to anyone needing help in the realm of services that he provides.



– Rick, Pennie, and Carly LaCombe



Just to let you know, Farm Bureau is mailing a check for the full amount of diminished value in your report ($5,444). The best $195 I ever spent. I will recommend you to my attorney friends.

Thanks again.

– E Mahoney



I just heard back from the insurance company that they are going to issue a check for the amount requested ($2,319)! I am quite surprised and of course quite happy. Thank you for your work and guidance on this.

– C Heaton


I called just to ask a simple question and the gentleman that answered was so kind and helpful. He not only answered my question, but he gave me advice and information regarding my situation that I wasn’t aware of prior to speaking with him. He done this even after he knew I am not located in LA & would not be hiring them to do an appraisal for me, so it’s very clear to me that they aren’t like A LOT of businesses that are just about making money. They are a business that are more about HELPING PEOPLE instead! This gentleman helped me when he knew they wouldn’t be making any money from me, that speaks volumes. I would recommend this company to any and everyone in or around the area! I am very pleased with how this nice gentleman answered my question and took his time speaking with me regarding my situation.

– Heather Ullman


I wanted to say thank you for your great report on the _ claim. The insurance company paid exactly what your report stated the diminished value was – to the cent. I have provided your contact information to the other attorneys in our office. We were using a company called _ in the past and their reports always overshot the diminished value and inflated the clients expectations too much. We are no longer using them for DV reports. We definitely appreciate your detailed and straightforward approach to your reports and look forward to working with you exclusively in the future

– CF, Attorney at Law


As an attorney I must say I was extremely impressed with Keith and Diminished Value Method, LLC. Most people don’t realize they are leaving money on the table by not pursuing a claim for the diminished value of their vehicle after its been involved in an accident. Nowadays it is easy to look up a vehicle’s crash history meaning the amount you can get for trading in or selling your car is going to be reduced. With Keith’s help and thorough report my client was able to recover an additional $6,500 for the diminished value of her vehicle from the insurer without a fight.

– Craig Mitchell, Attorney At Law


I want to thank you for the valuable services that you provide for my clients. In the past, I have found it very difficult to prove the diminished value that my clients always sustain when their vehicle is damaged in an accident. Many clients and attorneys are not even aware that a diminished value claim is allowed in Louisiana. Many clients are shocked to find out when they sell or trade their repaired vehicle that the vehicle has lost so much market value due to an accident.


Most insurance companies are silent concerning this element of damage. If the issue is raised by the client or attorney, I have found that the amount that is offered is usually one half (1/2) or less than the true diminished value loss. I am only able to prove a diminished value loss when I provide a Diminished Value Appraisal that you prepare for my clients. I hope you continue to provide this valuable service. Thanks, Carter

– Carter B. Wright, Attorney at Law


Thank you, Keith.

Your report is comprehensive and thorough. I’ll have your invoice paid promptly and will not hesitate to retain your services in the future.


– Marc C. Badon, Attorney at Law


Keith, I just wanted to follow-up with you regarding the report. Everything went perfect. I sent everything to State Farm and no questions asked they were able to give me the $2,100 listed. Thanks again for you your professional efforts. I will definitely refer you to anyone who is in need of a report.

– E. Catalanotto


Diminished Value Method is the right way to go. They make the process easy. Before Diminished Value Method I had no idea what I was getting into. They walk you through each step.

– Davon Sandifer


Keith did a awesome job on my claim. Claim was quick and insurance company didn’t argue an amount. They paid right up. I’d recommend this company to anyone. Keith is really good at what he does to get the job done and get what you’re owed by the insurance company. I rate this company 5 stars. I’m really impressed.

-Robert Wilbur