and working to make sure you are properly compensated for your loss
Company Info

Diminished Value Method, LLC

P.O. BOX 1931
Pearl River, LA 70452

Phone: (844) DIMVALU
OR (888) 996-1970
Fax: (888) 460-0439
Louisiana Licensed Insurance Adjuster and IACP Certified Auto Appraiser

Why Use Us?

There are numerous websites that can provide an automated diminished value appraisal that most insurance adjusters will reject. They can’t take into account local market and jurisdictional conditions. To accurately determine the amount of your vehicle’s lost value, we would need to review your repair invoice from the body shop and consider vital information such as:

  1. The Carfax or Autocheck vehicle history report details
  2. Nature and point of impact to your vehicle
  3. The actual amount of labor hours to repair
  4. If there was any frame damage
  5. If your vehicle may have had any prior unrelated damage
  6. Other pertinent details that can vary on a case by case basis

Beware of unlicensed and unscrupulous individuals. We charge a flat fee because it is unlawful to charge a percentage of the appraisal amount or amount recovered. DVM, LLC utilizes a diminished value appraiser that is an unbiased Louisiana licensed insurance adjuster. We follow a strict code of ethics. We can provide:

  • A comprehensive review and analysis of photos, the repair estimate and any supplemental estimates
  • A professionally formatted and signed report outlining the methods used to determine the diminished value
  • A diminished value appraiser with over 20 years of experience handling auto mobile insurance claims
  • Data and experience that can only be acquired by meeting with all of the local dealerships
  • Customer Service Assistance – we can work with your attorney or provide you with instructions and sample demand letters

We have the experience to consider the specific details of your case. Our services don’t just end when you get the report. We are here to be a dependable resource that you can turn to throughout the claims process to get your questions answered. We can provide sample demand letters and all the information you need to get your claim paid!


Lots of companies claim they will help you but disappear after the purchase is made – we will show you that we are different! You will appreciate the fact that we don’t use sales tactics because that’s not how we like to be dealt with either. Even if you just want to talk about your claim, we are here to help and provide information at no cost to you! Just call or email us and find out for yourself!


MONEY BACK GUARANTEE: If you are not at fault for an accident and take an insurance company to court and are not awarded diminished value, then we will gladly refund the amount of your appraisal.