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Diminished Value Appraisal Services We Offer

Introducing Two Types of Diminished Value Appraisals:

$250 – Standard Appraisal

  • USPAP Compliant
  • Empowered by a 13-year database of sales manager consultations integrated with ChatGPT4 Artificial Intelligence (AI) software.
  • In-person consultations with local used car managers
  • Possible Black Book Autocheck adjusted or Carfax market analysis
  • Typically completed between 5 to 10 working days depending on complexity
  • Focuses on “Inherent Diminished Value”

$360 – Inspection Appraisal

  • Detailed inspection of your vehicle
  • Ideal for expensive, rare or exotic vehicles or if litigation is anticipated
  • Includes assessment of “repair related” diminished value

Choose the appraisal service that best suits your needs. Contact us to schedule your appraisal today.

🚨 Why the 17c Formula Used by Insurance Adjusters Falls Short 🚨
1️⃣ No geographical adjustment 🌍
2️⃣ Flat 10% Base Loss of Value (BEFORE TAKING ADDITIONAL DEDUCTIONS) Depending on the severity, local sales managers could diminish the value 25% or more 📉
3️⃣ Questionable mileage adjustments.  The formula adjusts for mileage twice! 🛣️
4️⃣ Ignores vehicles over 100,000 miles.  Vehicles are built better and last longer nowadays. There are plenty of cars with over 100K in miles that are still valuable and sales managers WILL decrease the value based on the accident history  🚗

Our Method: Precision and Accuracy
📊 13 years of real-world consultations with local used car managers.
🤖Company database integrated with ChatGPT4 Artificial Intelligence (AI) for in-depth analysis.
🏛️ Widely accepted by local courts.

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