Baton Rouge Diminished Value Claims

If you’re the victim of an auto accident in the Baton Rouge area and need to file an insurance claim, then we should be able to help you to recover more money.


Most people are aware that the market value of a vehicle decreases after an accident, but few people are aware that you are entitled to be compensated for your vehicle’s loss of value in addition to the cost of repairs.  It’s called diminished value.


The complicated part is determining how much your vehicle has decreased in value. Some insurance companies will attempt to make a settlement offer using a formula, but this is obviously inaccurate.  The only way to get an accurate number is to meet with auto dealers near the Baton Rouge area.


We’ve handled hundreds of claims in the Baton Rouge area and make it a point to get to know all of the auto dealers in the  Baton Rouge area that will cooperate with providing an opinion of diminished value.


Unfortunately, Louisiana law says that the victim has to prove their claim.  Don’t waste money dealing with a website that provides an instant diminished value report.  Most insurance adjusters in Louisiana go out of their way to reject those reports.


Typically a Baton Rouge attorney will have you handle the property damage claim and doesn’t bother to pursue diminished value because they’re in it for the big money they can get from a bodily injury claim.  This is unfortunate because we meet with auto dealers day in and day out and find that the vehicle is often worth thousands of dollars less than it was before the accident.


We can provide an experienced licensed Louisiana Insurance Adjuster that will meet with several auto dealers in the Baton Rouge area and discuss the Carfax results directly with them, then provide a report that is accepted by insurance adjusters in your area.


Diminished Value Method, LLC specializes in Diminished Value Auto Claims only. If you or someone you know has been involved in an auto accident and weren’t at fault, then have them contact us for a free consultation.  We can give you an idea if your claim is worth pursuing, and won’t ask for payment until after our report is complete.

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