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Why Integrity Matters: Be Careful Who You Choose as Your Diminished Value Expert

In recent months, Diminished Value Method, LLC has been testifying more frequently in diminished value cases, and one thing is clear: the integrity of your appraisal expert matters more than ever. The difference between us and other appraisers is our unwavering dedication to principles and integrity.

Accuracy Matters: The Importance of Local Expertise

Unlike many of our competitors who provide appraisals nationwide, we’ve consciously chosen to focus on the Louisiana market, where our expertise and local knowledge enable us to provide the highest level of accuracy. This local approach ensures our appraisals reflect the true market value, a critical factor when defending our reports in court.

Consistency Over Bias: The Key to Fair Appraisals

We’ve reviewed our competitors’ reports and testified against them, whether representing plaintiffs or defense clients. A recurring pattern we’ve noticed is that many appraisers skew their values to favor their clients: extremely low for insurance companies and excessively high for individuals. In contrast, our reports remain consistent regardless of whether we’re working for a customer, a plaintiff attorney, or an insurance company.

Upholding Professional Standards: Our Commitment to USPAP and BOCAA

Unlike our competitors, we strictly adhere to the Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice (USPAP) and Bureau of Certified Auto Appraisers (BOCAA) guidelines. Our unbiased stance might limit our market reach, but our insistence on doing things the right way allows us to prosper by gaining trust through integrity.

The Risks of Using Biased Appraisers

You might find an appraiser willing to skew numbers abnormally high to favor your case, but consider the consequences when the insurance company denies the claim, and you end up in court. You’ll spend considerable time and legal expenses only to face an impartial appraiser who presents accurate numbers, leaving you with a weak case.

What We’ve Witnessed: Greed vs. Integrity

We’ve encountered several troubling cases involving competitors who lack integrity:

  1. The Dealer Deception:
    One national competitor claims to have spoken with local dealers for their appraisals. However, we know these dealers, and the figures provided are not factual. Moreover, some dealer names listed didn’t even exist in their earlier reports. We’ve repeatedly gone back behind their work for litigation purposes, confirming that the information provided was false.

  2. The Insurance Puppet:
    Another national appraiser regularly testifies for large insurance companies, saying whatever they want him to say. His preposterous claims have been repeatedly discredited in court compared to our testimony.

Why Integrity Matters More Than Ever

It disappoints us that some colleagues choose greed over integrity. While there’s little we can do about their actions, we stand proud knowing we are right and proving it every time in a court of law. When choosing a diminished value expert, don’t just consider the lowest or highest appraisal. Choose a team that stands by its principles and delivers unbiased, accurate, and consistent reports.

Trust Diminished Value Method, LLC: Your Local Experts

At Diminished Value Method, LLC, we believe in transparency and fairness. Our reports are the same whether you’re a plaintiff attorney, an insurance company, or a private client. Contact us today for an appraisal that you can confidently stand behind.