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Our firm, founded by an adjuster with over 20 years of experience, addresses a common oversight: Despite Louisiana Revised Statute §9:2800.17 permitting compensation with sufficient evidence, many attorneys neglect this avenue for additional compensation in property damage cases.  Find out about our head appaiser here or download his resume.

Addressing the Gap: The Importance of Diminished Value Claims

We address a significant gap in property damage claims, focusing on unclaimed Diminished Value opportunities. Vehicle history reports have elevated awareness of diminished value, yet many attorneys overlook this critical area of compensation.

The Risk of Self-Representation in Diminished Value Cases

Insurance companies are masters at minimizing payouts for DV claims. Allowing your client to pursue their property damage on their own is akin to throwing them to the sharks, and without the right expertise on your side, you’re swimming against the tide.

A Legal Wake-Up Call: The Compensation You’re Missing

While some in the legal community actively pursue diminished value, many still remain uninformed about the substantial compensation they are foregoing. Let this serve as your call to action: Ensure that no client signs a property damage release without a detailed Diminished Value assessment!

The ROI of a Professional Appraisal: Investing in Informed Assessments

For a reasonable fee of $250, we provide a comprehensive report backed by local used car manager assessments and AI-enhanced data analysis. Our reports utilize a 13-year local dealer database of assessments, integrated with advanced ChatGPT4 AI technology, setting a new standard in Diminished Value Appraisals.

Consider the fee an investment: our meticulously prepared evaluations can significantly increase your clients’ potential settlements. We also offer a preliminary feasibility review to gauge the viability of a claim.

Ensure you’re taking every measure to advocate for your client’s best interests. Secure the full compensation your clients deserve. Contact us at (888) 996-1970 to order a state-of-the-art Diminished Value appraisal and position your clients for a favorable outcome.


IF YOU HAVE ANY QUESTIONS THEN PLEASE REVIEW OUR Step-by-Step Attorney Guide for Louisiana Diminished Value Claims!


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