Sample Demand Letter for Diminished Value

Sample Demand Letter for Diminished Value

Please feel free to use and edit the following sample diminished value demand letter however you would like. There are downloadable word document and PDF form links below:

Download a Word document version

Download a PDF form version

[Today’s date]

[Adjuster Name]

[Insurance Company & Address]

Re:                 Claim #:                         [claim number]

Your Insured:              [other driver’s name]

Loss Date:                     [date of accident]

Claimant:                      [your name]

Dear Mr. /Ms. [insurance adjuster’s last name],

As you know, on [date of accident] my vehicle was damaged in an automobile collision caused by your insured, [other driver name]. The evidence clearly shows your insured’s negligence was the direct and proximate cause of my damages.

Due to the accident, the vehicle now has a documented vehicle history of being damaged and therefore has a lower resale value.  Enclosed find a diminished value appraisal done by an independent adjuster indicating the vehicle has decreased in value.

I hereby request reimbursement for my vehicle’s diminished value in the amount of $[amount of DV + cost of appraisal] (this amount includes $[cost of appraisal) for the cost of an appraisal as it is an additional indirect loss). I am reasonable and want nothing more than to be indemnified for my loss.

Please send payment within 15 days of receipt of this notice.  My claim should be easy to resolve and I look forward to a prompt resolution. If there will be any delay in the processing of my settlement, please contact me immediately.  I genuinely hope that we can resolve this matter promptly and look forward to your response.


[Your name]

Enclosure:       Diminished value appraisal

Sample Diminished Value Demand Letter

Sample Diminished Value Demand Letter


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