Why Use Us?

Why use us for your Diminished Value Appraisal?

Our appraiser is not just a title but a guarantee of quality. 📜 Licensed as a Louisiana Insurance Adjuster and IACP Certified by the Bureau of Certified Auto Appraisers, we adhere to a rigorous set of guidelines.  Unlike many who rely on formulas or ‘experience,’ we take a more hands-on approach.  We order the Carfax, consult local used car sales managers, and factor in nuances that can only be gleaned from a thorough field investigation. Our appraiser follows the guidelines of the Bureau of Certified Auto Appraisers as set forth below:BOCAA guidelines for diminished value appraisers

We pride ourselves on the quality of our reports.  Refined over thirteen years, our methodologies withstand the scrutiny of insurance adjusters from all providers.  We’ve assessed the work of our competitors and can confidently say that we offer unparalleled quality.  Many websites offer automated diminished value appraisals that often fail to meet insurance adjuster standards. ❌ They neglect local market conditions and legal parameters, which are critical for an accurate valuation. 📈 Our process involves reviewing your body shop’s repair invoice and considering essential factors like vehicle history reports, the nature of the impact, labor hours, frame damage, and prior unrelated damage.

We caution against the use of unlicensed and dubious providers. 🚫 Always ask for credentials. 🆔 Our appraiser holds both state and IACP certifications. We understand and adhere to USPAP,  ensuring that our assessments not only meet but exceed required standards. 👍 We also follow a strict ethical code, offering a comprehensive service package that includes:

  • Detailed analysis of photos, repair estimate, and supplemental estimate analyses. 📷
  • Professionally formatted and signed reports outlining valuation methodologies. 📑
  • A seasoned appraiser with a two-decade track record in handling automobile insurance claims and directing litigation strategies for defense attorneys. ⚖️
  • Extensive local market data gathered from face-to-face interactions with local dealerships. 🤝
  • Customer service that extends beyond the report delivery, offering claim support through sample demand letters and guidance. 💌
  • Advanced technology! A 13-year database integrated with ChatGPT4 artificial intelligence. 🤖

We stand by you throughout the claim process, answering your questions and offering guidance at no extra cost. 💬 While others may vanish post-purchase, DVM, LLC remains a reliable ally in your diminished value claim. Heck, we wrote the book on Diminished Value. Reach out to us, and experience firsthand why we are the industry’s best.  No hard sell, just solid expertise and unwavering support.

Contact us at (844) DIMVALU 📞

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